• Control Your Destiny


    Everything You Need to Know to Startup

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    Learn the Entrepreneurial Attitude

    Startup Success Takes a Certain Personality - Do You Have What it Takes?

    The good news is, it can be learned. SIVI takes your life-long experiences, unfair advantages and assets and starts from there. Don't feel like starting from scratch? Neither do we!


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    Gain Entrepreneurial Awareness

    Startups Need to be Decisive and Accurate - Mistakes are Costly!

    That's why we don't cut any corners with your education and neither should you. It is not easy, but nothing worthwhile is.


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    Demonstrate Your Entrepreneurial Aptitude

    Startups Fail 9 Times, But Succeed 10 - Better Get Started!

    We walk you through the startup process so that it becomes second nature. Getting good at going from Idea to MVP to beta-customer to success story is what we deliver.

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    Real Entrepreneur Acceleration

    Startups Need More than Just Money - We Accelerate You!

    Imagine becoming that person who you know you were meant to be. The Entrepreneurial Mentality sets the stage for that actualization. We provide the next steps to your personal epiphany.



    Your Startup Network Starts Here

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    Nicholas Seet

    Your Startup Coach

    Nicholas has been a serial-entrepreneur since his first startup concept was funded and he left his software-development position at Deloitte Consulting. Since that time he has worked to refine his business skills, serving at different times as CTO, CEO, and Founder of Auditude. A part of Auditude (called IntoNow) was spun-off in 2010 and was acquired by Yahoo in 2011. In November that same year, Auditude was acquired by Adobe Systems.


    Nicholas received his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2005. While there he participated in and won the UCLA Knapp Business Plan Competition as well as the Rice University Business Plan Competition, receiving over $1 million in funding and prizes.


    Nicholas received a BS in engineering and BA in economics at Harvey Mudd College in 1999. Nicholas is Chinese by ethnicity and was born in Australia. He has two daughters, Anya and Maya.


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     SIVI Activating Entrepreneurs Startup Package (*SPECIAL* FREE DURING THE GREAT SHUTDOWN)

    SIVI Activating Entrepreneurs Startup Package (*SPECIAL* FREE DURING THE GREAT SHUTDOWN)

    One Time Charge (no subscriptions!)
    Access to Start a Startup e-Learning Course
    Extensive Resources You Need With Each Phase of Your Jouney
    Personalized 1-on-1 Consultation from Expert on Your Startup Idea
    Feedback and Encouragement on Your Progress
    + Bonus 1: Instant Entrepreneurial Attitude Assessment
    + Bonus 2: Access to 101+ Curated Videos on Every Aspect of Startup Life
    + Bonus 3: $25 e-book StartUP SOAR Coaching by Raymond Garcia as seen on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692408827/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_iyuaEb8XKQNZQ
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